Little Bug

Voici l’un de mes premiers poèmes écrits en anglais. L’histoire d’une toute petite fourmis…


Once upon a time there was an ant

Who lived near to a river.

She loved to have a nap under a plant

And go swimming with her sister.


Her parents said to her one day:

“You have to think about your future,

There’ll be bills you will have to pay,

Life isn’t just one big pleasure.”


Determined, she left early that morning,

She wanted to visit some anthills

“Hi love! What a beautiful day of spring!

Said a worker who seemed to have skills.


“There is no one stronger than me.

Look, I can carry 3 grains of rice

This is not a job for everybody,

Touch, I am as solid as ice”.


And then she was back on the road

Where she came across a soldier

Who was sending a binary code

To a mechanical engineer.


“Welcome to the secure entrance of our home.

My role is to protect you from enemies

I am the cleverest ant of the dome

Sorry but we do not hire pussies.


The face of the little bug got pale,

She had nearly lost her dream.

But she decided to change the end of the tale

And meet the head of the regime.


The giant formicidea was about to give birth:

“Hey sweetie, you seem to be blue.

Watch out! My eggs are as big as earth,

In one second they can roll on you”


Suddenly, a huge thunderclap rang out

A massive wave swept away everything

Some of the ants started to shout

Meanwhile others were sinking.


Workers, soldiers and Queen couldn’t fight the current

Only the little ant emerged from the water,

More than a lucky event,

Of course she had learned to swim with her sister.


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